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Radiator Cover Measuring Instructions


Barker Metalcraft Radiator Covers are unique because of the flexibility by which their various sections can be assembled, and because most parts have been standardized.

Three measurements are necessary (refer to diagram below):

(1) Measure height of radiator to top, then add 1".  Be sure to measure height on both sides of unit.

(2) Measure width from side to side and add 1".  Be sure to include all pipe and valves.

(3) Measure depth from front to back of radiator and add 1 1/2" to this measurement, to make sure cover fits smoothly.

A. Indicate location of valve as you face radiator and height of valve as you face radiator and height of valve from floor.
B. Important: Make sure there is nothing such as a window sill to block installation of cover.  This is necessary for a smooth fit.  Check carefully!

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